Bangladesh Air Force

Flight Safety Institute


No 39 Safety Programme Management (SPM) Course is running from 24 Mar 2019.


Till 1987 there was no Flight Safety Institute in Bangladesh Air Force (BAF). A crying need for trained flight safety personnel and accident investigators was felt at all levels in the BAF. To address the issue, the first flight Safety Officers’ course for a duration of 12 weeks was conducted at BAF BSR under the supervision of Sqn Ldr Saeedur Rahman, GD(P). However, Flight Safety Institute was established in the year 1990 under the direct patronization of the then COAS Air Vice Marshal Mumtazuddin Ahmed. After the establishment of FSI, trained and qualified instructors were posted to this institute.

After revising and updating the précis and syllabus, FSI offered students related to aviation both from home and abroad to attend the course. Besides BAF, officers from Bangladesh Army, Bangladesh Navy, Bangladesh Biman, Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB), Indian Air Force, Pakistan Air Force, Royal Jordanian Air Force, Royal Malaysian Air Force, Royal Saudi Air Force, Sudan Air Force, Sri Lankan Air Force etc have attended the courses.

Now-a-days, this Institute regularly conducts two Flight Safety Officers’ (FSO) Course for officers and one Safety Programme Management (SPM) Course & one Quality Control Service Course (QCS) for airmen in a year. More so, one Aircraft Accident Investigation Course for a duration of 17 working days for BAF officers and Ground Safety Officers (GSO) Course for a duration of 15 working days for BAF officers have been introduced from 2008 and 2012 respectively. Now, this institute is an Approved Training Organization of CAAB (Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh) to impart training on Aircraft Accident Investigation Course and Flight Safety Officers’ Course.

In addition, this institute is also capable to conduct following courses:

  • Jet Engine Accident Investigation Course (JEAI).
  • Helicopter Accident Investigation Course (HAI).

So far this institute conducted 58 Flight Safety Officers’ Courses, 36 Safety Porgramme Management Courses, 29 Quality Control Service Courses, 06 Aircraft Accident Investigation Courses and 02 Ground Safety Officers’ Course. Till now this institute trained 732 officers and 1024 rank services from home and abroad. Still continuous research and analysis are going on for further development of training materials and facilities.