Historical Background

Training Wing was established in 1975 as a wing of BAF Base Zahurul Haque for conducting professional training of BAF airmen. It started its academic activities in 1977 with 17 airmen of Mechanical Transport Operator (MTO) trade. Since then it has been functioning to build up the main working force of BAF and developing the supervisors of different levels.


With the passage of time, the institution is now well equipped with more accessories. So far more than 28,000 trainees from home and abroad have been successfully completed their training from this institution. This Wing has also trained personnel from Bangladesh Army, Navy, and Srilankan Air Force. Foreign trainees are included in this institution since April 1995. A total of more than 185 foreign trainees have successfully completed their training in different trades.


Not far from the port city but away from the rumbling and humdrum of city life, the institute stands proudly at Patenga area in Chittagong. The Karnafuly river flows by the eastern side of the institute and Shah Amanat International airport is located adjacent to it. The near-by sea-beach provides immense recreational support to the members of the institute.

Type of Training Imparted by the Institution

Training Wing conducts the professional training of BAF airmen in their respective trades. The training is conducted in 3 different phases. These are Basic, Advanced and Senior Trade/ Integration training.

Basic Training

BAF recruits personnel are fresh from schools/ colleges and they undergo academic and General Service Training (GST) for 9 months at Recruits Training School (RTS). On successful completion of training at RTS, they are allocated with 24 different trade groups. After the trade allocation, BAF airmen of 19 trade group report to Training Wing for the basic training. The duration of basic training is 9 months and the training emphasizes on the general understanding, both theoretical and practical, of respective trades. On completion of basic training airmen are posted to different bases/units for On the Job Training (OJT) for the period of 1 year.


Advance Training

On successful completion the OJT training at bases/units, BAF airmen again report to Training Wing for the advance training of respective trades. The duration of advance training is for 9 months.


Advance training emphasizes on theoretical and practical training specific to the requirement of BAF. On completion of the advance training, BAF airmen are again posted to different bases/units for the Advance OJT.

Senior Trade/Integration Course

On completion of 10 years of service, selected BAF airmen of the rank of Sergeant undergo Senior Trade/Integration and Management Course at Training Wing. The duration of the Senior Trade/Integration course is 5 months and the duration of Management Course is 2 months. On completion of the Senior Trade and Management Course, BAF airmen are posted out to different bases/units and serve in the capacity of supervisors.

Training Wing also conducts some special courses. Such as Instructional Technique Course, Computer Course, Basic Course of Education Instructors & Cypher Assistant. They also do a special course named Ground Defence Orientation (GDOC) Course conducted at the field level depicting real time requirement in a hostile situation.

The Faculty

Training Wing comprises of four Squadrons which are:

  •      Aero Engineering Training Squadron.
  •      Communication & Electronics Training Squadron.
  •      Administrative Training Squadron.
  •      Education Training Squadron.

Each Squadron is organized into Training Flights of respective trade. There are 15 officers and about 200 airmen as faculty members to conduct and supervise the training activities under the Officer Commanding of Group Captain rank. Aero Engineering Training Squadron deals with Airframe Technology, Engine Technology, Electric & Instrument Technology, Armament & Weapons Technology, Life Saving Equipment Technology, General Engineering, Mechanical Transport Technology and Photo Technology, Meteorological Observer, Air Traffic Controller trade trainees. Administrative Training Squadron deals with Clerk General Duties (Type & Accounts), Provost, Ground Combat Instructor (GCI), Physical Training Instructors (PTI), Catering Assistant, Supply Assistant and Administrative Assistant trade trainees. Education Training Squadron deals with education, management, and Instructional Training (IT) subjects of all trade trainees.

Training Facilities Available

The facilities of Training Wing includes two 3 storied academic building housing class rooms of different trades and courses, laboratory, workshop and few offices; one administrative building to house Training Wing Headquarters. In addition, one hangar, one General Engineering Workshop and one Mechanical Transport Workshop are also available to conduct practical training on different aircraft, Components, and mechanical transports.

The workshops and laboratories are equipped with different training aid model and unserviceable spares/components of aircraft. Training Wing has its own Library, Computer Laboratory, and Language Laboratory to facilitate quality training.

Training Curriculum

BAF airmen undergo professional training in three different phases: Basic, Advance and Senior Trade/Integration Course. The course curriculum of training wing is designed to meet requirement of any professional Air Forces. The philosophy behind designing these courses are:


An airman should be capable to work on different equipment of his trade under supervision.


An airman should be capable to work on different equipment of his trade independently.

Senior Trade/Integration

An airman should be able to supervise the work of a group of airmen of his trade. Course curriculum mainly includes professional subjects. However, certain amounts of general educational subjects are also included in the basic and advance course to complement the professional subjects. The syllabas of Basic & Advance courses covers approximately 1500 periods for technical trade and 900 periods for non-technical trades. The duration of each period is 40 minutes. The same for senior trade/integration and management course covers approximately 800 periods for both technical and non-technical trades. A good number of periods are allocated for practical classes for technical trade trainees. Besides these, site visits to different organization or institutions within the country are also conducted for all the courses as part of course curriculum. Different training films of immense training value are screened during programmed hours for all courses.

Selection Criteria

The minimum qualification for an airman for recruitment in BAF is Secondary School Certificate (SSC) in Science group for technical trades; Arts & Commerce group for non-technical trades. On completion of 9 months general service training in Recruit Training School of BAF, the airmen become eligible for Basic training. On completion of Basic training for 36 weeks, technical trade airmen are to undergo on Job Training (3 levels & 5 levels) for duration of 9 months in different BAF bases and units. During on job training (OJT), they work practically with the respective trade equipment and learn different system and its maintenance & rectification both theoretically and practically under close supervision of nominated instructors. On completion of 09 months OJT, they are to face a Central Trade Test Board (CTTB) exam and qualify for Advance Course. For senior trade course, the airmen are to complete the Advance course, 7 levels OJT for duration of 1 year and qualify in suitability test conducted by CTTB.


Extra Curricular Activities

Indoor and outdoor games, physical training competition and some other sporting activities are arranged among the squadrons as a training curriculum. The trainees also arrange cultural nights at least once in their training schedule.


One dedicated trainees mess is available for Basic and Advance trainees, which includes a Dining Hall, Ante/Recreation Room and Dormitories. Basic and Advance trainees live in dormitories having capacity to accommodate 10-12 persons. They dine in dining hall together and enjoy TV with satellite connection and indoor games facilities in the anteroom. Senior trade trainees are accommodated in Sergeants’ Mess block where maximum two persons live in a room. Separate dining hall and anterooms are also available for them.


Anywhere in the world, Air Force is always equipment-oriented organization. As such, the right personnel are to be placed behind the appropriate equipment in order to maximize the expected output. We strongly feel that there is no substitute of training for an organization that deals with high tech arsenals. BAF is also no exception to those circumstances. Since its inception, Training Wing has been providing quality training to our airmen keeping pace with the development of modern equipment. All the personnel of this prestigious institution are relentlessly working to ensure that the training standard is not compromised at any cost for any trade and all our efforts are directed to this goal.