“The mission of the Bangladesh Air Force Academy is to train and develop future Air Force Leaders with vision for tomorrow”.


 Following the heroic contribution of Air Force personnel in the Liberation War, the need of having an academy to train future Air Force leaders was earnestly felt. The idea was crystallized in 1973, and the academic activities started under the name of BAF Cadets’ Training Unit (CTU) at Kurmitola, Dhaka in November 1974. The CTU was shifted to Jessore in April 1977 and re-named as the Cadets’ Training Wing (CTW). With the growing need of time, the CTW was re-modeled as a full-fledged Academy and renamed as Bangladesh Air Force Academy (BAFA) in April 1982. The Academy was initially affiliated with Rajshahi University and later on, with the National University, for awarding B Sc (Bachelor-in-Sience) in (Aeronautics) graduation degree to the Flight Cadets. Today, with its wide curriculum of flying, academic, general service and command and leadership training, the Academy is on a firm footing to develop the young trainees from home and abroad, as an all round officer. By maintaining an international standard, the Academy has trained cadets from various friendly countries. The Academy was awarded with the prestigious National Colours in 2003 by the Honourable Prime Minister of Bangladesh in recognition of its outstanding achievement.


Bangladesh Air Force Academy is located in the district town of Jessore at BAF Base Matiur Rahman. It is situated at (approx) 140 km South-West of Capital Dhaka and can be reached by air, road or train.


The training objectives of the BAF Academy are aimed at fostering the honored tradition of duty, honor and patriotism. The training curriculum is meticulously designed to train and develop officer like and war fighting qualities in Flight Cadets. With these training philosophies in perspective, the Academy has the following objectives:

  • To train all flight cadets of General Duties (Pilot) – GD(P) Branch for onward training in the operational aircraft.
  • To prepare each flight cadet as a future leader of Air Force with optimum degree of discipline and patriotism.
  • To educate each flight cadet as a knowledgeable University graduate for academic proficiency.
  • To inspire different faculties of mind of the flight cadets through auxiliary training, hobbies club, extra curricular activites etc.
  • To inculcate the spirit of Air Force tradition, leadership, character building through an “Honor code”.


Any legitimate Bangladeshi national male or female (female flight cadets for ground branch only) with requisite educational qualification, height, weight, age can apply for recruitment which is conducted round the year at Information & Selection Center Tejgaon, Dhaka.


The training program in BAFA is tailored according to the need of today’s world comprising subjects of diverse specialties. The Academy runs its training programs broadly in two forms: one for the flight cadets, who are trained to become pilots. The other one is for flight cadets, who are trained to become ground branch officers. The duration of training for all Flight Cadets is two years, which include ten weeks joint service training with Bangladesh Army and Bangladesh Navy. To undertake these diverse training activities in smooth and efficient manner, the Academy is organized in a three prong structure with Flying, Academic and Cadets Training Wing.


The Cadets’ Wing provides a solid leadership foundation through a wide array of military training programs. Each cadet is provided with the opportunity to learn and practice leadership methods first, through follower ship, and later, in leadership positions in different activities of the Cadets’ Wing.


Smartly turned out cadets marching in Graduation Parade


The training imparted by Cadets’ Wing is aimed at transforming a raw civilian into a disciplined air force officer through intense physical and mental training. The physical training includes different types of drill, weapon training, health run, mile test and games (to include football, volleyball, basketball, handball, athletics and hurdles). Service knowledge and leadership technique training is provided to Cadets through formal classes, task assignment, counseling,supervision, guidance and practical exercises. The cadets are also assessed on various traits of Officer Like Qualities like discipline, integrity, loyalty, determination, assertiveness, initiative, enthusiasm, courage, teamwork, social skill, verbal expressions and self confidence etc . They are also assessed in Command and Control skills, such as bearing and turn out, voice, capability and effectiveness in handling parade, self confidence, emotional stability, maturity and physio-dynamic quality etc. With such all round training, the Cadets’ Wing molds a new cadet into an officer in the BAF.


The Academy Training Wing (ATW) is one of the three wings of Bangladesh Air Force Academy (BAFA) which is responsible for imparting academic training to the Flight Cadets and newly commissioned officers of Bangladesh Air Force. From the very inception, ATW is grooming up the enrolled Flight Cadets as educated and professional officers through the induction of updated knowledge by experienced instructors. ATW is systematically ensuring the smooth conduct of academic education through the constant support of four squadrons namely Aero Science Squadron, Humanities Squadron, Business Studies Squadron and Training Support Squadron.

ATW is now conducting courses on three types of Bachelor Degrees under National University. The duration of these degree courses is 3 years. ATW was first affiliated to Rajshahi University in the year 1984 to conduct Bachelor of Science (Aeronautics) course under Rajshahi University. Subsequently it has been affiliated to National University in 1993 to conduct the same course. ATW is successfully imparting manifold academic training from the very inception. Besides, B Sc (Aeronautics) degree, it has started conducting Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Business Studies courses under the National University in the year 2004 and 2006 respectively. This Wing is conducting all three types of Bachelor Degree Courses by maintaining a high standard of education. A good number of commissioned officers have acquired University Graduation from this institution. Every year the graduated officers are awarded with Bachelor Degree certificates through a colorful ceremony.

Aero Science Squadron. This squadron conducts training on science related subjects to make the trainees professionals. A total of eight science subjects are taught to the trainees namely Physics, Mathematics, Aerodynamics, Aero Engine, Airmanship & Aviation Physiology, Meteorology, Armament, and Navigation. This squadron is also responsible for conducting Bachelor of Science (Aeronautics) course for the Flight Cadets and under trainee officers under National University.

Humanities Squadron. This squadron imparts training on humanities and Bangladesh Air Force related subjects namely English, Bangla, Organization & Administration, Service Writing, Bangladesh Air Force Law, Military History, Air Power, Operational Message Writing, Current Affairs, Computer, Security & Intelligence, Psychology and Political Science. Humanities Squadron is also responsible for conducting Bachelor of Arts Course for the Flight Cadets and under trainee officers under National University.

Bachelor of Business Studies Sauadron. This squadron imparts training on commerce related subjects like Management and Accounting. This squadron is also responsible for conducting Bachelor of Business Studies Course for the Flight Cadets and under trainee officers under National University.

Training Support Squadron. This Squadron is responsible for providing training equipment and materials to other squadrons as per the requirement of training.

ATW also conducts training of special courses like ‘Special Purpose Short Service Commission’, ‘Branch List Permanent Commission’ etc under the instruction of Air Headquarters. Flight Cadets of these special courses are taught Organization & Administration, Service Writing, Security & Intelligence, Management, Bangladesh Air Force Law, Instructional Technique, English, Air Power and professional subject according to their background.

From the year 2009, the first year course (Level-1) of four years Engineering Course conducted at Military Institute of Science and Technology is going to be commenced at ATW. The Level-1 syllabi include Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English, Engineering Ethics/Sociology, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering subjects with sessional (practical). The Level-1 is divided into 02 six monthly terms namely Term-1 and Term-2.

It may be mentioned that the medium of instruction of all these courses is English and through the hard work of devoted instructors, ATW is successfully maintaining almost 100% passing rate with standard result.

For making the officers resourceful professionals, ATW imparts training on Instructional Technique to the instructors and Human Resource Module for the newly commissioned officers.

Presently, ATW is a modern and well equipped academic training institution. All the class rooms are well furnished and many of the class rooms are equipped with computers and multimedia projectors beside the provision of common training aids.

ATW has a modern computer lab with internet connection. A good number of computers are there in this well furnished lab.

ATW has a modern Language Lab where 20 students can be taught at a time. Well equipped labs like Aero Dynamics, Aero Engine, Physics and Psychology are also there to ensure the high standard of practical training required for degree level education.

ATW has a resourceful library with books of all fields of knowledge. At present, it has a rich collection of good number of books on different disciplines to meet the requirement of both instructors and trainees.

ATW also arranges extra curricular activities like After Dinner Literary Activities (ADLA) and Education Visit for the Flight Cadets beside normal academic training. These extra curricular activities help them to nurture and expose their hidden potentialities which ultimately help them to be a professional officer.


The Flying Training Wing of BAF Academy conducts basic flying training for Flight Cadets, and jet and helicopter conversion training for newly commissioned officers. The basic flying training is accomplished over a period of one year in two terms. Flight cadets fly 120 hours in Chinese origin PT-6 piston engine trainer aircraft. After successful completion of basic training, pilots are divided into three streams: fighter, transport and helicopter. The respective conversion training is conducted in next six months.


11 Squadron is vested with the sacred responsibility of imparting basic flying training to the future pilots of BAF. The Flight Cadets step into this squadron in their third term. At first a thorough knowledge on PT-6 aircraft and its various systems is imparted to them for a month long ground classes. After successful completion of the ground course, the flight cadets prepare themselves for flying training under supervision of Qualified Flying Instructors. Adequate classes are taken by the instructors on aircraft manual, operating procedures, relevant orders and publications etc. The basic flying training syllabus of 120 hours comprises 119 sorties. The main phases of flying are: General Flying, Instrument, Navigation, Formation, Night and Advance aerobatics. Due emphasis is given so that, Flight Cadets get adequate confidence in handling the aircraft. Besides flying, flight cadets also undergo training in PT-6 simulator.


15 Squadron is responsible to conduct the basic jet/transport conversion training in USA origin T-37B aircraft. In basic jet training, the trainee officers fly a total of 25 hours, which encompasses General Flying, Instrument, Navigation, Close Formation, Battle Formation, Tail Chase, Ground Controlled Interception and Night Flying. On the other hand, in transport conversion training the trainee officers fly a total of 26 hours, which includes General Flying, Instrument, Navigation, Formation and Night Flying phases. The squadron does not limit its training only in flying. It continues different educational programme to enrich knowledge of the trainee officers, which includes classes on Military subjects, Air Power and International Affairs.


18 Squadron is responsible to conduct helicopter conversion training in Bell-206 helicopter for the selected officers. This training is designed for six months, out of which two months are for ground training. The trainee officers fly a total of 45 hours within next four months. The syllabus includes General Flying, Instrument, Navigation, Formation, Special Operation and Night Flying. The flying skills of the pilots are greatly enhanced by simulator flying. Besides routine flying training, the trainee officers have to undergo various academic training programme.


In the Academy a number of extra curricular activities are carried out to build up cadets’ physical abilities, and broaden their mental faculties. These program also provide the cadets with recreation and useful pastime. Some of the important events are mentioned below.


As a part of extra curricular activities one education visit to different military and civil organization /installations in Bangladesh is arranged in each term.


 After Dinner Literary Activities are conducted once in every week. English Debate, News Review, Set Speech, Bengali Debate, Quiz Competition and Extempore Speech are conducted in ADLA for which a schedule program is made well in advance. Flight Cadets participate in ADLA by turns.


Academy has a language laboratory with all the modern facilities. Flight Cadets undergo English Language training here under the supervision of trained instructors.


 Various exercises are conducted in the field camps for a few days and Flight Cadets participate in numerous field operations. They are exposed to battle conditions and are required to apply their tactical knowledge in to practical ground situations.



A view of the Cadets Mess

All cadets reside in two dormitories located in the heart of the Academy complex. Cadets are housed in spacious room fitted with all modern amenities.


After successful completion of training, Flight Cadets get commission in GD (P) and Ground Branches. For the best all round performance, GD(P) Flight Cadets receive Sword of Honor and Ground Branch Cadets receive Chief of the Air Staff’s Trophy. For the best performance in General Service Training, the trophy is Commandants Trophy and for the best performance in Academics the trophy is Osmani Gold Medal. ‘Bir Shrestha Matiur Rahman Trophy’ is awarded to the Flight Cadets for best performance in Flying Training.