06-08 NOVEMBER 2017, DHAKA


5th International Flight Safety Seminar 2017 was organized jointly by Bangladesh Air Force and Civil Aviation Authority, Bangladesh. The theme of the seminar was:



This time 19 Participants of Bahrain, China, Egypt, France, India, Kenya, Maldives, Nepal, Oman, and Sri Lanka took part. In addition to the participants of Bangladesh Air Force (BAF) there were also 7 participants from Biman Bangladesh Airlines, 40 participants from CAAB and private airlines who joined the seminar.

The Ice Breaking and Registration Ceremony of the seminar took place on 05 November 2017.Assistant Chief of Air Staff (Operations & Training) was the Chief Guest of this ceremony.

Chief of Air Staff, Bangladesh Air Force opened the seminar on 06 November 2017 as Chief Guest. He mentioned thatthe seminar was a noteworthy reflection of civil-military cooperation in Bangladesh. He also urged all to actively take part and make the seminar meaningful.

Major General (retd) Tarique Ahmed Siddique, rcds, psc, Security Advisor to the Honourable Prime Minister of Bangladesh gracedthe Closing Ceremony as Chief Guest. The Chief Guest expressed his deep satisfaction for successful conduct of the seminar. Former Chiefs of Air Staff, distinguished guests from home and abroad joined the opening and closing ceremony.

Aviation revolves along procedures, rules and regulations, which are all aimed at maintaining and improving safety. The challenge for aviation safety lies in developing ‘Aviation Safety Management System and Improving Accident Prevention Methods and Program’. Since the inception of Bangladesh Air Force, Flight Safety Directorate has been observing a well-defined strategy to enhance operational capability by safeguarding human and material resources through prevention of aircraft accidents. In line with the same effort we have started conducting International Flight Seminar from 2009. So far, 76 participants from 22 countries joined during last four International Flight Safety seminars. We can confidently say that all the aviators and aviation related organizations were immensely benefited from the knowledge and experience delivered by the participants of different countries and organizations.

None of us could stop accident following so many methods. In fact it has somewhat become act of God. As a matter of fact flight safety merits a lot more than rules, regulations and procedures. Taking this reality into account the theme of the Seminar has been set and it was ‘Safety is not only Risk Management It is a Mindset’. In aviation we say, Practice makes habit permanent and perfect practice is necessary in aviation to avoid human error. Before everything, we need to control our mind so as to practice everything correctly to make it permanent. We need to change our attitude and follow right procedure and make our all actions accurate. If we are able to correct our actions then probably we will be able to and reduce human factor in an operational environment.

As a part of our constant and relentless effort, International Flight Safety Seminar 2017 has been organized to provide a platform for mutual interaction under the umbrella of Flight Safety. ‘Safety Management’ and ‘Mindset’ reflect ‘the attitudes, beliefs, perceptions and values that everyone in aviation shares in relation to safety’. These altogether conforms safe aviation environment. We need to have safety practices to have safety mindset. Keeping the theme in mind, diverse topics have been prepared and were presented by different speakers from home and abroad.

The three days seminar was divided into four working sessions. Each session were comprised of a number of presentations. Every presentation was for a duration of 20 to 30 minutes followed by an interaction session of 15 minutes. For the convenience of participation we had published the presentations beforehand and brought out a journal titled ‘Falcon Notes’. The journal allowed the participants to be amply prepared for different sessions.

During the seminar, we had the opportunity of listening to 13 deliberations by speakers from both home and aboard. All these presentations were extremely enlightening and interesting. Sum-up of the presentations.

We believe after 4 fruitful sessions we are more educated than before on safety issues. We express our heartfelt thanks to all the participants for their valuable contribution in the seminar. Once again we thank participants of Bahrain, China, Egypt, France, India, Kenya, Maldives, Nepal, Oman, and Sri Lanka for joining the seminar and looking forward for subsequent seminars.

We like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to the sponsors – Biman Bangladesh Airlines, Novoair, US-Bangla Airlines, Meghna Aviation, Bashundhara Aviation, Nescafe and ACME.

With everyone’s effort we had a successful seminar. We appreciate your whole hearted support. We wish everyone safer days and looking forward. Till then please take away-

  • Safety is not only Risk Management It is a Mindset.

  • Self Discipline is the Best Safety Policy.

  • Aviation Safety begins with….You.

  • Safety is the Biggest Investment.

  • Safety….. Always….. All ways.

  • Be Proactive than Reactive.