UNMIH was originally established by Security Council, resolution 1029 (1995) on 23 September 1993 to implement certain provisions of the Governors Island Agreement signed by the Haitian parties on 03 July 1993. The mandate was to assist in modernising the armed forces of Haiti and establish a new police force. Due to non-cooperation of the Haitian military authorities, UNMIH could not be fully deployed at that time. After the restoration of the Haitian constitutional Government with the help of multinational force led by the United States and authorised by the Security Council in October 1994, the UN mandate came into effect.

UNMIH assumed its functions after the Democratic legislative elections on 31 March 1995. The transfer of power to an established government, the UNMIH’S mandate was extended until 30 June 1996. 11 x officers and 41 x airmen were detailed to serve in UNMIH in different important appointments and they successfully and satisfactorily performed their respective duties with sincerity and gained prestigious recognition for BAF as well as for the country.