Federal Republic of Yugoslavia got independence in 1945 under Marshal Tito. In June 1991, Slovenia came out as an independent country. But Croatia could not achieve its independence as Yugoslav Federation did not agree. Bosnia Herzegovina declared independence and got support of USA and European Union. The ethnic conflict started between Bosnia, Bosnian Muslim and Bosnian Croat. On 6 April 1992, when the Serbian Army attacked Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia Herzegovina, the UN Security Council made a mandate and a peace mission for former Yugoslavia named UNPROFOR (United Nations Protection Force). In 1992, in the initial days of the mission, Bangladesh sent United Nations Military Observers (UNMO) and civil Police.

The main responsibilities were to monitor, observe and solve the local problems after negotiation with the warring parties. A total of 19 x officers form BAF worked as observer until 1995 in UNPROFOR. In October 1994, 01 x officer and 12 x provost from BAF and Bangladesh Navy went for Military Police Job. The officer was awarded with a letter of appreciation from the UN authority for his remarkable service. BAF detailed 19 x officers and 05 x airmen in this mission so far.