After the Gulf war in 1991, when Iraq was in the era of facing a deadly crisis from embargo. An agreement took place between the fighting factions and Iraqi government, resulted in the birth of UNGCI to support Humanitarian assistance by different UN Agencies. The framework for this operation is the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed on 18 April 1991, in Baghdad by the minister of foreign affairs of Iraq and the executive delegate of the Secretary General.

The primary role of UNGCI was to provide security support to all UN installations and members in support of enhancing humanitarian programme which included personnel and material escort, obtaining updated security information by conducting FSA (Field Security Assessment) for further unhindered humanitarian operations in the remote places and providing adequate communication facilities to all UN agencies and NGOs serving in Northern Iraq. A total of 12 x officers from Bangladesh Army, 02 x officers from Bangladesh Navy and 13 x officers from Bangladesh Air Force served in UNGCI.