The conflict of Georgia – Abkhazia started in 1993, but the conflict had been developing since the Stalin’s period during the former USSR. Open Conflict broke out on the 14th August 1992 when some 3000 Georgian troops of the National Guard were sent to occupy Sukhumi, allegedly to release the kidnapped Georgian Interior Minister. The war finally concluded on the 14th May 1994 when the Georgians and Abkhazians Signed a Russian Sponsored cease-fire agreement known as the Moscow Agreement. United Nations Observer Mission in Georgia (UNOMIG) started operation since May 1993. Maj Gen Harun-ar-Rashid (Retd Bangladesh Army Chief) was the chief Military Observer in the mission.

Twenty-three participating member states including Bangladesh contributed Military observers for the mission. 18 x officers of BAF served in UNOMIG as observer so far. The mission was entrusted with the task to monitor and verify the implementation of the cease-fire and to verify through observation and patrolling that troops of the parties do not remain in or re-enter the Security zone. The members of Bangladesh Air Force deployed in Georgia also successfully performed their respective duties as observer.