BAF started its journey in UN peace keeping operation with the deployment of BANAIR contingent in UNIKOM (Kuwait) on 22 September 95. The deployment of BANAIR-1 was an important event since this was the first of its kind for BAF There were seventeen personnel in the first group along with one helicopter in Kuwait. The service provided by BANAIR-1 was highly appreciated by the UN authority and recommended the extension of contract of BANAIR to make a long term contract with BAF for the service in UNIKOM.

Finally, the strength of BANAIR was increased to 40 with the inclusion of a Mission Aviation Safety officer and 04 other fire fighting crew. BANAIR continued its operation in UNIKOM till the outbreak of Iraq war on 22 March 03. The service of BANAIR contingent was recognised by UN as a role model of UN Air operation for their performance and safe flying records. So far, Bangladesh Air Force detailed 73 x officers, 185 x airmen and 23 x civilians in this mission.