38th Command Safety Conference of Bangladesh Air Force (BAF) was held on 12 March 2015 in ‘Falcon Hall’ Dhaka, organized by Directorate of Flight Safety, BAF. Command Safety Conference is held once in a year. Over the period of time, safety conferences have played instrumental role for establishing a safety culture in BAF. In recent years, the booming prospect of aviation both in military and civil sector of Bangladesh has increased the importance of such seminar. 38th Command Safety Conference highlighted BAF safety performance by reviewing flying hours, accidents and incidents for the year 2014. It also featured sharing of knowledge, safety ideas and discussion by representatives from sister services, civil aviation organizations and civil airlines.

Chief of the Air Staff, Air Marshal Muhammad Enamul Bari, BBP, ndu, psc graced the occasion as chief guest. Principal Staff Officers, Air Officer Commandings of different Bases, Directors of Air Headquarters, Officers and Airmen from different bases/units attended the conference. The participants and attendees from sister services and civil organizations included representatives from:

  • Ministry of Defence (MOD)
  • Bangladesh Army (Army Aviation)
  • Bangladesh Navy (Naval Aviation)
  • Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB)
  • Biman Bangladesh Airlines Ltd
  • Bangladesh University of Proffessionals
  • National Defence College (NDC)
  • Defence Services Command & Staff College (DSCSC)
  • RAB Forces
  • R&R Aviation
  • Galaxy Flying Academy Limited
  • MAF Bangladesh
  • Novoair Ltd
  • South Asian Airlines Ltd
  • Squire Air Ltd
  • Easy Fly Express Ltd

The conference was divided into two sessions. Upon arrival of the Chief Guest, the first session started with recitation from the holy Quran followed by a presentation on BAF Flight Safety Issues by Director of Flight Safety (DFS). In this presentation, DFS reviewed BAF’s flight safety performance for the year 2014 through statistical representation and analysis of different occurrences. The first session also included review of the minutes of the last conference by DFS followed by discussion on agenda items and open discussion. After the first session there was light refreshment. Other sister services and civil organizations also joined the tea break. Right after tea break, the second session of the conference started with opening address by Air Vice Marshal Abu Esrar, BBP, ndc, acsc, Assistant Chief of Air Staff (Operations and Training). Then, DFS presented a topic about “Contemporary thoughts and state of UAV and ongoing global debate and its prospect”. In his presentation, he highlighted on putting focus on both civil and military area of exploitation of air power including UAV to enjoy competitive advantage over others. He elaborately discussed about the historical events involving UAV and its uses other than military purposes. He also drew example of regulatory development and development on UAV programme in US and rest of the world and mentioned about the ongoing debate, public opinion on its future prospect. Finally, he mentioned the use of UAVs in wide spectrum of needs is an inevitable fact today and highlighted four themes of world UAV association concerning development and setting up operational strategy of UAV. His review followed speeches by Air Officer Commandings of different BAF bases. The Air Officer Commandings’ speech mainly focused on various activities pertinent to flight safety and achievements for the year under review.

It is to be mentioned that Director Flight Safety and Regulations, CAAB also presented a speech on ‘Take away for BAF from civil aviation flight standard’.

Chief of Air Staff (COAS) distributed Flight Safety Trophy for best safety performance at Base level and squadron level followed by his closing address. BAF Base Bashar received the ‘Inter Base Flight Safety Trophy’ and 11 Squadron, BAF was awarded with Khademul Bashar Inter Squadron Flight Safety Trophy for the year 2014. Chief of the Air Staff (COAS) in his closing remarks stressed upon maintaining safety standard by all means in the face of ever increasing involvement of BAF both in operation and training field.

Opening Address by Assistant Chief of Air Staff (Operations and Training), Presentation by DFS and the Closing Speech of COAS are available in the links below: