With a view to projecting BAF to the members of BAF as well as to the outsiders, this journal was launched in mid eighties. It is a quasi-professional bi-annual journal where writing of BAF Officers, airmen, civilian BAF employees and the wards of BAF officers and airmen are covered. Photographs with caption are provided in between two writings to get the readers rid of monotony. Besides these, pictorial presentation of BAF activities for the last six months is provided in the form of BAF news. And the last but not the least is the projection of BAF officers airmen, Ministry of Defence Constabulary (MODC) is also covered who have got commendation certificate or letter of appreciation for their outstanding performance. The journal is basically monolingual in English but a few writings are also covered in Bangla. All the recipients get this journal free of cost. For each writing an honorarium of Tk 2,000.00 is given and the best writer with 75% assessed by three Senior Officers is given Tk 3,000.00 only.

BIMANSENA VOLUME-53 : Published on December 2017

BIMANSENA VOLUME-52 : Published on June 2017

BIMANSENA VOLUME-51 : Published on December 2016

BIMANSENA VOLUME-49 : Published on December 2015